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Wait and See Vs. Watch and Wait?

I'd rather WATCH and wait!

(Disclaimer: These examples are not specific to the types of providers used in examples!)

Scenario A:

A parent brings their 18 month child for a well visit to his pediatrician. The parent voices some concerns about their child's lack of verbal communication. The doctor waives off the parent's worry and reassures them that the child still has time to catch up and since he is a boy it is common. The doctor sends off the parent saying everything else seems fine so about that speech we'll just wait and see.. the parent leaves the office feeling unsettled with no real plan put in place.

Scenario B:

A parent brings their 3.5 year old child to an orofacial myologist to address a thumb sucking habit. The clinician decides that due to the child's lack of interest in stopping and some other health concerns they are in in the midst of dealing with, it would be best to wait and watch. The clinician makes a plan to follow up with the child when he turns 4. She also sends off the parent with some strategies to try gently discouraging the habit.

Sometimes the most appropriate thing to do is nothing. But that can still be a plan if the clinician is watching and following up.

Have you ever been told "let's wait and see" as an answer to your medical concerns?

Let me know in the comments 🙋!

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