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Maybe I'm just super sensitive but...This pretty much sums up how I feel on a regular basis. Watching my child struggle is one of the hardest and most painful things. Especially in a world where there are no black and white answers. Navigating your child's health can be overwhelming lonely and defeating at times. I definitely don't take for granted all that we do have and I know there are people who have it worse unfortunately. But even something that seems small to others like being told your child has "a common food allergy" "just some eczema" or "chronic rhinitis" can be a physical and mental overload to process. Sometimes it feels like each specialist doctor waives off the symptom in their expertise saying its common and treatable so why stress. But when you have multiple various symptoms presented in the irritable, miserable and uncomfortable child who you know to actually be funny loving and good natured... it's absolutely heartbreaking. We as the caregivers, who can see our "whole" children, know we need to step up to the plate and get to root of the issue! We know it's up to us to advocate and do all we can to give our children their best chance at a successful and healthy life. I may start off feeling hopeless but I always end up feeling empowered... YOU GOT THIS!

Contact me with any feeding, speech, airway, and tethered oral tissue concerns!

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