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Consider all pieces of the puzzle!

Are we using bandaids as quick fixes or are we taking the time to look at the bigger picture to find the root cause of the issue and promote optimal overall health?

In an ideal world all medical providers would use a model of care that focuses on a comprehensive and collaborative, holistic approach. For various reasons that doesn't always happen.

Physicians, especially specialists, often don't have the time to consider all symptoms and concerns of a patient. Instead, doctors must spend their time addressing acute issues with quick effective fixes. Obviously this is extremely important but it leaves little space and time to consider the overall health of the patient which could possibly prevent acute issues from arising in the first place!

For some reason I'm always suprsied when I take my daughter to a specialist and they don't ask how she is doing with any of the other medical issues that we are dealing with. Instead of looking at each symptom separately, it would be beneficial for them to see all the issues as they impact her as a whole. (Like mouth breathing due to allergies, causing eczema flare ups and sleep disordered breathing, leading to headaches, chronic exhaustion and irritability..😫)

Luckily providers that think this way do exist but it's up to us to advocate for ourselves and our children to make sure all symptoms are considered!

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