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Breathing trumps all!

Our body's #1 priority is to breath. To put it simply as @halliebulkin says "if you don't breath, you die." That means that if our body has to choose between eating and sleeping and breathing... its going to do everything it needs in order to keep breathing. So if our airway is constantly compromised, our body is so preoccupied trying to get enough air that it puts aside other essential tasks such as eating, speaking and sleeping.

Here's an example how an airway issue can affect quality of sleep:

If your airway is compromised at night, your body goes into survival mode to ensure that you're breathing. This can look like: teeth grinding, gasping, and constant arousals preventing you from ever entering a good quality deep sleep.

This is why it's so important to screen for airway issues in all our patients. If airway is an issue chances are the body won't be doing that great of a job functioning in many other areas....

(Including allergies, inflammation, digestion, heart health, diabetes, mental health, cognitive functioning, etc....)

You might be surviving with an airway issue but are you THRIVING?

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