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You Provide. Your Child Decides.

If mealtimes are feeling slightly overwhelming and stressful here's what you need to know👉

It's not your job to "make" your child eat. It's your job to provide a variety of nutritious foods in a safe and positive environment to encourage happy and healthy eating.

According to @ellyn_satter_institute division of responsibility..

⏩Your job as the parent is to decide what is being served, when it is served, and where.

⏩Your childs job is to decide if they will eat it and how much.

Using this model allows us to take a deep breath and relax a little. We cant control if our children eat and its not our job to control that. It is our job to help support our children by providing them with opportunities to develop adventurous and intuitive eating skills.

Using this model also builds a trusting, safe, and calm, feeding relationship which helps our children grow into intuitive eaters who learn to recognize their own hunger and fullness cues.

This mindshift has been a game changer for me in decreasing mealtime stress and overwhelm. It has also greatly improved our mealtime environment and has allowed for more curiosity, calm, and confidence surrounding foods!

Have you ever heard of division of responsibility?

How has it improved mealtimes for you?

Let me know in the comments!👇

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