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Why Does My Child Always Ask for the Food on My Plate?

The second I sit down to an avocado toast I can already feel the 👀 on my plate. *Sigh* Why??

Rest assured this is totally normal, although highly annoying at times. 😬

Before I got better at establishing family mealtimes I used to make something for myself to eat separate from what I made for everyone else. If my child would come over and ask for a bite I would initially be thrilled to provide them with my nutritious meal, of course it started getting quite annoying when I got stuck with leftover scraps time after time.... Nowadays, I serve one dinner for everyone. We have a set time when we all eat and I usually let everyone put their own food on their plates. And guess what- I almost never end up feeding people off my plate anymore now that we're all eating the same food and everyone has full access.

Has this worked for you too? Let me know!

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