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Which cup should I buy for my baby??

Try skipping sippy and 360 cups and aim for soft straws and open cups.

I know, I know sippy cups happen to be VERY convenient, but here's the thing that companies don't write on the packages... Hard spout sippy and 360 cups promote improper swallowing patterns (forcing the tongue down and jaw forward). They can have negative impacts on the orofacial structure and oral motor development!

Ideally babies should be introduced straw and open cup drinking at around 6 months. By 12 months of age babies are meant to wean off the bottle (suckling motion) and transition to a mature swallow (tongue tip touches the spot behind your front top teeth and initiates the swallow.) Sippy cups are really just bottles and don't help the child make this important transition with their oral motor skills.


🥤Sippy cups promote head tilting while drinking which puts the airway at risk and makes it harder to learn open cup drinking.

🥤Sippy cups can become oral habits and have affects on teeth and tongue resting posture.

So try to skip that sippy and go right to that open cup/straw drinking! If your child is having trouble with this skill, a feeding specialist can help!

Contact me with any questions!

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