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When is picky eating a problem?

It's true that picky eating to some extent is developmentally appropriate for toddlers. But studies show that 1 out of 4 typically developing kids don't just grow out of it on their own. So how do you know when to reach out for support?

Here are some signs that your child's eating habits may be more than just typical "picky eating"...

🥦Your child elimiates an entire category of food

🥑Your child's diet is limited to less than 20 foods

🍅Your child has meltdowns and rigid behaviors around foods (like only certain brands or prepared the same way every time)

🌮Selective eating lasts longer than a month

🥣 Eating becomes stressful for child and family.

If you're concerned, reach out to a pediatric feeding therapist for help! You're not alone!💕

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