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You can start working on better breathing, eating and sleeping now!

We know that proper tongue function and nasal breathing are essential for our overall physical and emotional health. It can affect things like sensory processing, nervous system regulation, anxiety, hyperactive behavior, academic success, and proper growth and development-just to name a few😉

So is there anything you can start doing now to help your child breathe, eat and sleep better?

The answer is.. YES, there is!

Traditional Myofunctional therapy starts around the age of 5, however we can still target the same goals towards better breathing, eating, and sleeping with children as young as newborn- we call it feeding therapy (with a twist of myo @halliebulkin ) and the earlier we start working on oral function and airway health the better!

Sometimes the game plan may be to watch and wait before proceeding with a specific procedure or appliance, but there are still things you can be doing NOW to help your child improve their airway health!

A therapist specializing in airway will be able to help you come up with a game plan that is specific for your child, but here are a few examples⏩

🥤make sure your child is drinking from a straw or open cup

🍗exposing your child to a variety of foods, flavors, and textures

👃 nasal hygiene

👄oral play!

Do you think your child may have an airway concern?

Feel free to reach for help!

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