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What You Need to Know About Tongue Ties: Part 3

What should you expect to see after a tongue tie release?

Many people think that after the frenectomy procedure when the frenulum is cut, everything will automatically start working better.... Unfortunately, we know that's not typically the case. The frenectomy makes it so the tongue CAN move, if fixes the anatomy, but since the tongue has never moved in those motor patterns before, it doesnt meant that the WILL move better. That's why its really important to work with a functional provider to help address the functional issues such as trouble breastfeeding, bottle feeding, speech clarity, etc.

So we need to make sure that we are incorporating therapy before and after tongue tie releases. That's what's going to restore function and retrain the body to teach it what it needs to do to function optimally.

So remember, frenectomy is a one time procedure, while therapy before and after is a process. So hang tight. You got this!

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