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Trying to plan a meal that everyone will so stressful!😩

Have you ever heard of DOR?

Division of Responsibility is a framework developed by Ellyn Satter.

Simply put, the parent decides the WHAT, the WHERE, and the WHEN. The child decides the IF and HOW MUCH. This helps parents take a step back and give space for their child to learn and grow. It also helps:

🍞alleviate stress during mealtimes.

🥝 teach a child to trust their body's hunger/ full cues.

🍉foster a healthy positive relationship with food.

Using this research based principle has really helped me stay focused and positive at mealtime. It's my job to provide the food, support, and boundaries by feeding my child. But it's my child's job to eat, not mine.

Do you stress about mealtimes? Try this and let me know what you think!


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