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Make mealtimes HAPPY again!

As therapists and caregivers it's easy to get caught up in helping our children meet their feeding goals. We're so concerned with helping them gain weight, tolerate new textures, and progress in oral motor skills that we forget how important it is to help our kids reestablish a positive relationship with food.

I admit I used to avoid family mealtimes. It was just too stressful. I was so focused on the end result of "getting them to eat" I did whatever it took, like putting tv on during dinner hoping they would mindlessly eat their food. Then one day it dawned on me. Mealtime is more than just getting that food in their bodies. It's about helping them to enjoy and appreciate the experiences that come along with food as well! Sure we want our kids to tolerate more foods but we want them to learn to enjoy it too!

Try these tips to start making mealtimes more positive and let me know how it goes!


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