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Tips for Targeting Speech Goals Playfully

Alright, I'll be honest. Back when I first started incorporating play into therapy I had it all wrong. I would get so caught up trying to make speech fun, that I stressed the whole session about getting in all the target practice. I used the "play" as rewards for getting speech tasks completed and man was it stressful.

Nowadays I do things differently. I use play as the therapy itself! Here's how:

➡️I focus on getting high trials using competition, counter clickers, filling up jars..

➡️I find out what my client is interested in and hop on board! Having a dino act as a "speech helper" can sometimes be enough to keep them motivated for an entire session!

➡️I make the target words meaningful by making them part of the activity. For example: /SH/ shoot the ball, /L/ lift the cup, /SP/ spin the spinner. This also helps with carryover!

What are your strategies for targeting goals playfully? Let me know in the comments below!


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