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Tips for encouraging adventurous eating in kids!

When you ask your picky eater what they want for dinner..and it's not plain pasta💃

I know you think I'm crazy and have no idea how unadventurous your child is when it comes to eating, but Im telling you, it really can happen!

Here are a few ways to encourage adventurous eating:

🥑Expose expose expose. Keep offering those foods that your kid has turned down in the past. You can start by challenging the child to tolerate a tiny portion on their plate during meals. So many times parents say "why should I offer it, I know they won't eat it" but research shows it can take around 15 times (more for kids with PFD) before a child learns how to like it. So don't give up!

🍅Encourage food play and exploration without the pressure to taste it. You can also let kids explore foods by having them shop, come up with menu ideas, and meal prep with you. The goal is to allow the child to become familiar with all of the foods' sensory properties so they learn what to expect and become more comfortable with those foods.

🥦Try your best to create a stress free, non pressured environment around mealtime. We want to focus on the long term goal of creating a healthy positive relationship with food! If we're stressed about how little they're eating that night or we pressure them by telling them to take a few bites we may gain in the short term, but we are driving them away from positive adventurous eating in the long term. So take a deep breath. You got this!

Save this post for reference and let me know how it goes!


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