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Taste the Rainbow🌈

My kids can't resist arranging food into rainbows. My son likes the idea of organizing and arranging foods into visual categories. My daughter just loves all things unicorn and rainbow. So making these fruit cabobs we're a great way to temp my kids to cut, squish, smell, lick, chew, and dare I say swallow, some fruit that they normally would have refused. Remember exposure does not have to be eating. It means letting kids explore using all their senses and developing a happy, positive relationship with food.

*Please excuse the pathetic looking blueberry 🤣 all I had were frozen little ones.

Have you gotten your kids to try something they normally would have refused by switching up the presentation? I'd love to hear! Comment below.

Does your child have less than 20 foods in his or her diet? Do you feel stressed about mealtimes and wish your child would just eat without the fuss?

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