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Setting Our Kids Up for Success!

I recently heard this great analogy from @halliebulkin Imagine having a battery full of all the energy you need to get through the day. A child who gets a refreshing night sleep, nasal breathes and has proper oral resting posture, starts off the day with a fully charged battery. On the otherhand, the child who is not functioning optimally (think- mouth breathing, low tongue position, poor sleep..) uses way more energy just for basic functions like breathing, sleeping, speaking, eating and focusing! Their battery is already drained by the time they get to school, yikes.😬

👉This is the difference between THRIVING and SURVIVING.

Can people still manage to get through life using compensation? Of course, in fact many people do. But at a cost. Compensation uses muscles that are not meant to be used which can cause fatigue, tension, and pain. By making sure our children our functioning optimally we're setting them up for a life time of success!

If you think your child may have an orofacial myofunctional disorder, reach out for help!

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