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One of the easiest things you can do with your child to help them eat, breathe and sleep better!

Oral Play.

I learned about oral play from therapist Mallory Roberts @infant.feeding.specialist who coined this term and created a guide for parents.

Oral play is consistent, small, playful movements in the mouth which over time adds up to make big change!

In order to prep my 4yo daughter to get her expander, I decided to double down on our oral play routine a few months ago... And guess what I noticed?? More lip closure during the day and while sleeping, tongue up more often while sleeping, less audible breathing at night and the best part- she seems to be less cranky tired throughout the day 😊

Oral play can be helpful for all ages, in fact I recommend doing it on yourself as well. Our mouths contain muscles that can hold tension and tightness (especially if we aren't using our muscles optimally!) They feel good to be stretched.

Oral play helps:

👄Decrease oral tension

👄Increase awareness

👄Increase oral acceptance (think going to the dentist or brushing teeth)

👄And helps facilitate movement in the mouth.

Oral play can be super helpful when working on feeding, tongue tie release, nasal breathing, lip closure, etc...

2 important things to remember when doing this:

1. Make sure to keep the experience positive and playful🙃

2. Try to make it routine and consist.

@infant.feeding.specialist Has an awesome oral play guide which I recommend to families!

Will you give it a try?

Leave any questions you have in the comments ⏬

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