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My 2 Cents Mouth Taping

My 2 cents on Mouth Taping➡️

Mouth taping can be a great tool, BUT..

👄Before mouthtaping, make sure to explore the reason WHY you are mouth breathing. Otherwise it is a literal band aid solution

👄Use mouth tape as a therapeutic tool to support lip closure and nasal breathing until you can do it on your own. It shouldn't be the end all be all solution.

👄Consult with a professional to ensure that mouthtaping is a good option for you. In some cases, it can potentially increase airway resistance, making it more stressful to breathe!

That being said, if done correctly, here are some cool benefits from mouth taping!

🤐 Better sleep quality! Wake up feeling more rested and refreshed. This can also influence a decrease in stress and anxiety and every day performance.

🤐 it can reduce tossing and turning, drooling, and snoring during sleep.

🤐 it promotes better oral health. It reduces cavities ans decreases dry mouth and scratchy throat.

What are your thoughts on mouth taping?


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