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Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and.... GET MESSY!

I'll be honest, with my first two kiddos I was always wiping their faces in between bites and wiping their hands. I couldn't stand mess and thought that I was doing an amazing job preventing it before it could even happen. Unfortunately it had some consequences:

For one thing, I was uptight and anxious during mealtimes and missed out on having relaxed interactions.

My kids also missed out on the chance to learn how it feels to have food on them and be okay with it. To this day, my oldest still has issues with getting messy.

Last, letting your kids get messy allows them to explore and learn the skills they need to develop a positive relationship with mealtime and successful feeding skills..

If you're like me, I know how hard it can be to let go. Take a deep breath and tell yourself they're going to get messy and it's going to be okay! Good luck👍

Thank you @halliebulkin for teaching me this is your feedthepeds course!

*Contact me with any questions or concerns!*

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