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Let Kids Get Messy. Consider it an Investment.

On the fence about letting your kids get involved in (AKA destroy) the kitchen?Consider it an Investment!💰

Research shows that kids who participate in food preparations tend to become more adventurous eaters. And although that sounds perfectly wonderful and easy, let's be honest, letting kids get messy can be super stressful. If you're anything like me and really want to let your kids go all out but cant seem to make the leap, here are 2 ideas that might help make it doable and most importantly less stressful and enjoyable 😉

1. Start small. Designate a small workspace and specific task.

2. Remind yourself this is an investment. And smile. Every positive interaction your child has with food is helping build a happy healthy relationship with food. Even if you don't see the payoff in a big way right away. Remember to celebrate all the small stuff too!🥳

Good luck!

How do you feel about letting kids get messy in the kitchen?

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