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Kids Don't Grow Out of Airway Issues... They Grow INTO Them.

Have you ever been told that your child will grow out of their snoring or large tonsils? How about being told that it's okay for your baby to be congested all the time or that mouth breathing is normal? I have. In fact, I hear this all the time from my families that I work with.

But here's the thing: Kids don't grow out of these issues. Instead, their body learns to compensate, which often brings about more issues. It's a vicious cycle. The less we breathe correctly, the harder it becomes.

Here's one example: A child is born with a tongue tie, and their tongue is held low in their mouth. This can cause a vaulted palate, making it harder to breathe through the nose. The child will likely start to mouth breathe on a regular basis, which will influence the face to grow in a more narrow and downwards direction, creating an even smaller airway. The child will likely develop a forward head posture to keep the airway open, which can affect the posture of the entire body.... At this point, their sleep, feeding, and daily functioning are all affected by these airway concerns.😬See what I mean?

So the next time someone brushes off your concerns... TRUST YOUR GUT and find an airway focused provider who will listen and support you!

Mouth breathing is NOT normal.

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