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"Kids do well if they can"

"Kids do well if they can"

-Ross Greene, author of The Explosive Child.

🔋Imagine having a battery full of all the energy you need to get through the day. A child who gets a refreshing night's sleep, nasal breathes and has proper oral resting posture, starts off the day with a fully charged battery. This child's nervous system is regulated and is ready to deal with the stressors of the day.

🔋Now imagine a child who is not functioning optimally (think- mouth breathing, body tightness, poor sleep quality..) His battery is already drained by the time he gets to school, yikes.😬 He is starting the day with a disadvantage. He is functioning in "fight and flight" mode and is more prone to struggling academically and socially.

👉This is the difference between THRIVING and SURVIVING.

Can people still manage to get through life with using functional compensations? Of course, in fact many people do. But at a cost. Compensations use muscles that are not meant to be used, which can cause fatigue, tension, pain and stress. By making sure our children our functioning optimally we're setting them up for a life time of success!

Kids are not just lazy, stubborn or defiant for the heck of it. Behavior is communication.

So when a parent is told things like "some babies just don't like to nurse." or "your baby hates tummy time." or how about a picky toddler who refuses to try new foods just because they are "stubborn" or when your child is given a diagnostic label, such as ADHD, learning disability, anxiety etc...

↪️Let's make sure we're looking for the "why" and ruling out any potential airway or sleep concerns.

Reach out for support!


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