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Is My Child Getting Good Quality Sleep?

"I think my child is a good sleeper. I mean, he stays in bed the whole night."

Yes, but is it restful, good quality sleep??

Children with sleep disordered breathing (which ranges from mouth breathing> loud breathing> snoring> apnea) don't reach the deep sleep stage. That's like falling asleep and getting woken up by your phone ringing every 30 minutes! Unfortunately most children can't express how they feel since this is their only reality. Sleep disorders can contribute to picky eating, digestive issues, cognitive functioning, behavioral concerns, difficulty at school, hyperactivity, etc. All too often children are being given band aid solutions to these symptoms without taking the time to assess airway/sleep. If you are concerned about your child's sleep, reach out to a myofunctional therapist or airway focused dentist/doctor for help. Early intervention is key!

Here are some signs that may indicate a sleep issue:

😴Mouth breathing

😴Loud breathing/snoring


😴Trouble focusing



😴Has a sucking habit

😴Grinds teeth

😴Light sleeper

😴Tangled sheets

😴Wets the bed

😴Hyperextended neck

💤Try checking on your child's sleep tonight. Their breathing should be silent with their mouths closed.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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