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How Can I Stop My Daughter's Finger Sucking Habit?

You are not alone, this is TOUGH!

Children can still grow out of finger and thumb sucking on they're own by age 4, but here are some things you can do to gently discourage the habit.

👍First of all make sure your child is nasal breathing. If they're not we need to find out way and rule out any airway issues!

👍Replace sucking with chewing with long teethers, crunchy food, or sensory chewies.

👍If your child always sucks her finger when she has a specific blanket or "lovey". Try introducing a new one (or at least just during the day!).

👍If your child is old enough, start a positive oral habit elimination program with a trained myofunctional therapist!

As always, every child and situation is unique, so reach out for help! You got this👊

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