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Have you heard of the power of "yet"?

The words we use matter! Even when we're not directly talking to them, our kids pickup on the labels we give them and internalize it. I know its hard not to label your child as picky when you're stressed about their eating habits and they're constantly refusing everything you try offering, I've definitely been there😩.

But then I realized that kids hear the message behind our words and by telling them they're picky, we are reinforcing this within them. I know how hard it can be to shift mindsets, trust me. It can take some time getting used to, but you can start by replacing you're so picky with "you don't like it YET" Yet is a powerful word that I use all the time in therapy to help build a growth mindset. Just because you're having a difficult time tolerating this food now doesn't mean that can't change. Just like learning to ride a bike takes time and practice, learning to enjoy foods takes time and practice as well! Eating is a skill. It does not come easy for everyone. We want to create a healthy enjoyable relationship with food for our children life long. And to do this, we need our children to hear that we believe in them!

Have you tried using "yet"? How did it go?


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