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Get. To. The. Root. Cause.

In case you can't tell, I'm super passionate about this and about using a holistic and collaborative team approach. Instead of looking at symptoms individually, let's start looking at the patient as a "whole" and work on finding and treating the root cause.

Here are some examples of treatments that could possibly be decreased or avoided if done in conjunction with treating the root cause:

➡️do you have a child who's been in speech sound therapy for years?

➡️ were you advised to put your baby on reflux medications due to excessive spit up?

➡️have you had braces again as an adult or orthodontic relapse?

➡️ do you grind through your night guards?

➡️ have you been told that breastfeeding is sometimes just painful?

➡️ are you working on treating hyperactive behaviors or anxiety without ruling out sleep disordered breathing?

And plenty more....

Find yourself a team of providers who are committed to finding the root cause of the issue!

Feel free to reach out if you need help finding someone in your area.


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