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Feeding and Body Work

Did you know that feeding is a full body activity?

I'm talking at any age, but especially for infants. A baby's body needs to feel good and move the way it should in order for proper development and efficient feeding to take place. When a feeding concern comes up, we need to make sure we're looking at the whole body!

When a baby is uncomfortable moving in certain ways, they won't. And that interferes with proper feeding and development. An example I often come across is tightness and tension in the body. It can present as tight fists, arched back, curved (banana shape) body, head turn preference, etc... these issues can be caused by positioning in utero, birth trauma, or insufficient opportunity to move in certain ways. They can be quick to resolve when we address them as early as possible.

If a baby is moving in an atypical pattern, there's a reason and we need to find out why!

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