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Did you know that tongue mobility is essential for chewing and swallowing properly?

Try it with a piece of gum! Do you notice how much your tongue needs to move back and forth in order to keep it on your back teeth so that you can chew it?! Our tongue helps us manage food in our mouths safely.

After the the food is chewed well the tongue collects it all and forms it into a "ball" shape before swallowing. When someone isn't moving their tongue correctly due to a myofunctional disorder such as a tongue tie or tongue thrust, the food is left scattered in the mouth and not as well chewed. This can lead to issues such as swallowing excess air, constipation, gagging, coughing, avoidance of certain textures, and picky eating.

If you think you may have a OMD that could be contributing to unsafe chewing/swallowing and selective earing contact a provider trained in myofunctional therapy and tethered oral tissues for an evaluation!


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