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Compensation vs Competency!

If your boat is sinking, will you keep bailing out water, or will first plug the hole?? Let's treat the root cause! Thanks for this analogy! @chrysalisorofacial1

Here are some examples of treating individual symptoms rather than zooming out to find the root issue...

🤱 an infant having trouble latching during breastfeeding and is not gaining weight. The family is instructed to switch to bottle feeding, which resolves the "weight gain"issue but not the oral dysfunction. The issue will most likely continue to present itself as different symptoms throughout the lifespan (reflux, "colic", trouble transitioning to solids, oral habit, poor sleep, dental issues, speech errors...) which will probably each be addressed as its own issue, rather than finding the root cause and treating it early.

🤕Another example I like to use, is taking ibuprofen for chronic neck or back pain. Sure it's super helpful and necessary, but pain relief alone will not resolve the long term issue. Meanwhile, a provider who takes a good case history, listens to the patient's whole body symptoms and understands the important role that airway plays, will try to resolve the pain by taking a holistic team approach locating the root cause of the issue and treating it along with the short term fixes that are necessary.

Have you ever felt like you wanted more than just another bandaid solution? I'm passionate about helping people THRiVE not just SURVIVE. Are you with me???


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