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Building Trust, Connection and Positivity During Mealtimes

Would you rather "get" your child to eat his broccoli tonight or would you prefer to build connection and trust and a lifetime of positive and healthy interactions with food? Duh. Right. But sometimes it's so easy to get caught up the moment and lose focus of the long term goal. And trust me I've been there, when eating those 3 bites of protein feels like the most important thing in the world. But then I take a step back and remember how much more I'm giving my children by creating and modeling a non pressured, positive and calm experience during mealtimes. Whether there are other issues contributing to picky eating or not, a stressed out child is not going to have an easy time learning how to be a happy healthy eater. so next time your find yourself worrying about a few bites during a meal take a step back and try to focus at the larger picture at play. Good luck!

Do you ever get caught up in the "if I can just get them to take a few more bites" mindset?

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