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Are Your Pills Hard to Swallow?

Do you or your child have trouble swallowing pills?😩 Myofunctional therapy can help address this!

Since swallowing requires more than 50 pairs of muscles to work harmoniously together, it's no wonder that over 40% of adults in the general community experience problems swallowing pills😱

In order to swallow, we need to be able to cup the pill (or food) in the middle of our tongue, then lift up the tongue tip to the spot behind our top front teeth to initiate a wavelike movement of the tongue which propells the food backwards. This then triggers the swallow reflex to guide the pill down smoothly

People with orofacial myofunctional disorders often have incorrect swallowing patterns. Think about how much harder it would be to get a pill to go down if your tongue is pushing forward instead of lifting up and back! If this is something you or your family member struggles with, reach out to a myofunctional therapist for help!

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