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When introducing new foods, act like you don't care.

The other day I brought over my recipe and all the ingredients I needed to the table where my daughter sat eating a snack. I narrated each step of what I was doing. I talked about all the ingredients I was using as she curiously eyed the big leaves of cabbage. I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back she wasn't just nibbling the giant cababge leaf that I left on the table, she was full on eating it. She kept stopping to feel it and look at it and even try it on as a hat. She told me the cabbage sure looks like lettuce but it is smooth and a little harder.

As parents, we often have the best intentions when we ask our children to taste and explore the food we present, but sometimes what they really need is for us to walk away.

If I had to give an isanely quick answer to the complicated question of how to get your child to become more adventurous with food, I would say "when it comes to your child trying new food, act like you don't care!" Okay so there may be some nuances to that, but simply put- it works.

Have you ever had a time you suddenly noticed your child eating or interacting with food he normally wouldn't when you weren't paying attention?

As always, feel free to reach out for help!

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