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"Okay I'm ready to change our lives!"

You've taken the time to research a competent therapist. You have completed all the paperwork and intake questionaires. You rearranged your schedule to fit in the calendar.... And your kid won't do anything. At all. Like not even make eye contact or answer a question!

Now what?

This can happen and does happen often. And it's okay. Part of setting up the stage for future success is building a trusting relationship and that can take some time and patience. A therapist may need to spend the first few sessions gaining that trust through activities that might not look all that much like therapy. To parents, this may seem frustrating and like a big waste of everyone's time. I hear you.

Here's what YOU can do:

-Be open with your child's therapist. Let them know you are concerned about making progress. The therapist will hopefully calm your uneasiness by sharing the game plan, which will include taking the time to build rapport.

-While sessions may start off slow, it may be helpful to share your concerns and daily challenges regarding your child to the therapist to paint a better picture. He or she should be able to coach and guide you with ideas to try at home. (Plus talking it through with someone is a great way to feel supported and heard. )

I know you're ready to change you and your child's lives. But try to take a deep breath and be patient. You did all the right things. Keep on being an awesome parent. Building trust takes time... But it leads to success!

Has this happened to you before? Let me know in the comments below!


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