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It's Not Your Fault That Your Kids Are Picky Eaters

Have you ever been made to feel like it was "your fault" that your kids struggle with feeding or are picky eaters? I did. It felt terrible. I shared the stress and anxiety I was feeling surrounding feeding to a feeding team at a clinic and in response I was told that I had caused my daughter to become picky (and this was when she already had an actual GI diagnoses, so clearly it couldn't have all been caused by my parenting choices.)

Here's the thing, as a parent you play the most important role in helping your child overcome feeding issues! But first things first, repeat after me. IT. IS. NOT. YOUR. FAULT. If. YOUR. CHILD. IS. PICKY. I'm off on a mission to support and empower parents instead of pointing out what they could've and should've done differently!

Do you ever feel like it's your fault that your kids are picky?

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