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How to set up your speech (articulation) client for success!

👄Rule out barriers! Do a thorough oral exam to make sure there are no underlying issues that will get in the way of success. (OMD, airway, tongue thrust...)

@grahamspeechtherapy has an awesome one to download!

👄Choose smart target words that will facilitate correct speech and not make it more difficult! @classlab_fsu has super helpful tips on this!

👄Make sure your client and their caregiver can hear the difference between the old way they said their sound and the new way! Even if we suspect the error is purely articulation, a little phonological intervention may also be beneficial (Think W/R)

👄Take small, acheivable steps to build confidence. Let 'em taste success!

👄Only send home practice words that you know the child can say with 100% accuracy. Why? A-They will be happier to comply. B-It will make it easier on the caregiver listening for accuracy. C- why would we want the child to spend time practicing it wrong??

👄 Incorporate the child's interests into therapy sessions to keep them motivated.

👄Let them know that you believe in them!

Good luck!

Have you used any of these tips with your clients? Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments below!


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