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How to Raise an Adventurous Eater

So this happened the other day...

I had the green beans out on the table, and she just picked them up and started exploring them. And guess what I said? Nothing. I didn't get excited and ask if she wanted to try tasting one. I didn't tell her to stop wasting food if she won't eat it. Honestly, I didn't even mind the fact that she was dropping them on the floor 🙈 Would I have said those things a few years ago? probably. But it's all about perspective. Now, I can recognize that "becoming friends" with food in a non pressured environment is part of the process of becoming an adventurous and confident eater. I love the part where she puts it to her lips and "almost" eats it, then decides against it... Building that trust and confidence takes TIME and PATIENCE, especially for a child with a history of feeding difficulty.

Do you have a child who is a hesitant eater?

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