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Breastfeeding Should Never Be Painful!

This is something I wish I knew when I fed my babies. It's something I wish that all mothers were told. I've heard many times from moms that they were told "breastfeeding is supposed to hurt"😳 Too often moms are made to feel guilty that if breastfeeding isn't going smoothly than it's due to a problem with them😳 (and that's without ever even evaluating the baby's function.😳) It's no wonder that we, as moms, think we just need to "toughen up" to breastfeed our babies. 😔

Let's start spreading more awareness about this. It's not normal to feel pain when breastfeeding. Trust you gut. Find a provider who will listen to you and provide a COMPREHENSIVE feeding assessment to help find the root cause!

Were you ever told that breastfeeding is supposed to hurt?

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