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4 Reasons Why Tongue Posture Matters!

Here are 4 Reasons Why Tongue Posture Matters!

➡️As humans, we are born to nasal breathe with our tongue lightly suctioned to the roof of our mouth and our lips closed at rest. When this isn't the happening, we need to look for the WHY. So what does proper tongue posture actually do for us?....

👅 Proper tongue position enables more efficient functioning such as speaking, breast/bottle feeding, chewing, swallowing, breathing, and sleeping.

👅 It supports craniofacial growth and airway development. The mouth, face, teeth, and airway form around the way we use them. When the tongue rests on the roof of the mouth, it acts as a natural palatal expander, supporting the wide and forward growth of the maxilla which affects the entire structure of the face. When the tongue rests low in the mouth, it leads to tooth crowding, facial asymmetry and airway concerns.

👅Your tongue acts as a support system through the fascial line that reaches right down to your toes. Orofacial dysfunction causes other muscle groups to start compensating for the tongue's inability to move and rest properly in the mouth. Low tongue posture can lead to postural imbalances, head and neck pain and tension throughout the body.

👅Correct swallowing and tongue resting posture activates the vagus nerve which is responsible for the "rest and digest" signals in your body. When we breathe through the nose, rest the tongue on the roof of the mouth, and swallow correctly, the vagus nerve is being stimulated. When we don't, we activate the "fight and flight" response which puts our body into stress mode and complicates digestion as well as many other functions in the body.

Where is your tongue resting while you read this?

Leave a ⬆️ roof of my mouth ⬇️ bottom of my mouth⬅️ touching my teeth in the comments!

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