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We take a holistic approach to speaking, feeding, breathing and overall wellness across the lifespan.

Offering in home therapy in the greater Pittsburgh area and teletherapy.



Shaina Rafkin- M.S. CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist, Owner

Hi there! My name is Shaina and I'm a passionate speech-language pathologist, pediatric feeding specialist, and orofacial myologist in the greater Pittsburgh area.  After receiving my masters of science in 2017, I pursued additional training in orofacial myology, pediatric feeding therapy, tethered oral tissues, and speech sound disorders. This unique knowledge and skill set influences how I assess and treat my clients. It allows me to use a holistic and interdisciplinary approach while searching for the root cause of the issue.  I commonly collaborate with other professionals, such as pediatricians, ENT doctors, orthodontists, and occupational therapists . Recognizing the importance of optimal function in the orofacial complex and how it relates to speech, feeding, and breathing has led me on a mission to improve the overall health and wellbeing of as many people as I can help!  


You Deserve to THRIVE, not just survive!


Let us help you go from surviving to THRIVING !


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Shaina is incredible!! Flexible with appointment timing (she comes to our house Sunday mornings!), amazing communication, and we've seen clear results in the right direction in just a few sessions in a few different areas already.  She's been helping him with extreme food pickiness, sensory issues related to food, and building up the facial/mouth muscles needed for a proper and smooth eating experience. Highly recommended if your kids are struggling with any of those issues, or more! She knows alot about speech/ oral motor/ feeding all around. 

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