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Airway First, Straight teeth Second

Have you ever heard of orthodontics that focuses on healthy airway first and straight teeth second?

Why would they do that? Well...

"Soft tissue dysfunction is the etiology of malocclusion." -Dr. German Ramirez

That means that crooked teeth are not just genetic they are majorly influenced by the way we use the muscles in our face and how we breathe, speak, and eat! If the tongue and other facial muscles aren't functioning properly, they are "fighting" against traditional orthodontic treatment, resulting in prolonged treatment and relapse!

Another way to put it... braces may be common, but they are NOT normal. In most cases, braces mean something went "wrong."

Proper oral rest posture (the whole tongue resting on the roof of the mouth, teeth slightly apart, lips closed and nasal breathing) promotes optimal craniofacial development creating wide jaws with enough room for all the teeth to come in straight. In some cases, traditional ortho can actually make airway issues worse. So once again, I say... here's to treating the root cause!🍻

Did you need braces when you were younger? Have they shifted since then?


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