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Why I stopped asking, "Do you like that food?" And what I say now instead!

When my child tasted a new food, my first instinct used to be to ask, "Do you like it?" But here's what I realized. By asking your child if they like a new food, we are:

🥦 presenting an easy "out" for them if they're not sure about it, and they will likely answer "No."

🥦We are teaching them that liking food is a yes or no answer, while in reality, we don't always know if we like a food right away. Often, our answer lies somewhere in the gray. It can take some time to figure it out, especially if it's a food that you haven't had much exposure to yet.

➡️Discussing the properties of a food (how it smells, tastes, feels, looks like etc) and asking open ended questions can help a child explore the new food without having to answer if it's good or bad.

Do you find yourself asking your kids if they like the food they just tried?

Try saying something along these lines instead:

"How does it sound when you chew it?"

"Can you think of something that looks similar?"

"What does it smell like?"

"Mine was a mix of sour and sweet"

"How does it feel on your cheek?"

"How long can you hold it on your tongue?"

Remember raising an adventurous eaters is a process, not an event. So keep at it and let me know how it goes!


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