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Taking a Holistic and Team Approach to Treat the Root Cause!

Our Healthcare system is great for treating individual acute issues, but when it comes to fidning the root cause or preventative care that's where things get tricky...

So many times I have families tell me that they went to a specialist and voiced their concerns about their child only to be given a bandaid solution and sent on their way. Here's one I see often. A child given a diagnosis of ADHD without considering any sleep or airway concerns (which have been shown to mimic adhd symptoms)🤔

The body is all connected, and providers need to be looking at the "whole" person and ALL their symptoms. As providers, we need to take the time to listen to the parents who are the experts on their children. We need to use our expertise and knowledge to collaborate with other professionals to treat the root cause of the issue. I'm on a mission to create a network of like-minded professionals who work with each other and take the time to look at the whole picture.


Do you agree?


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