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Let's talk "paci"s 👶

Personally the paci saved my sanity so I totally get that this is no light matter!

Like many things, pacifier use has both pros and cons. Understanding timeline and possible affects can help us parents make educated choices on the matter.


👶The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends use of pacifier until 6months of age to prevent SIDS.

👶Pacifiers are considered an appropriate method of self soothing until age 6 months.


👶Prolonged use can change the shape of your child's mouth and face and impede proper orofacial development. Sucking the pacifier forces the tongue down in the mouth (instead of it resting where it should on the roof of the mouth)

👶It can prevent a mature swallow pattern (tongue tip to spot) from developing. (Versus tongue protruding out and back AKA tongue thrust).

👶It can create open bites, crossbites and crooked teeth.

👶It can cause speech issues.

That being said. It's obviously not as easy as just tossing it in the trash after 6 months. Babies that have airway/sleep concerns may actually rely on it to keep their airway open. Plus if a baby is suffering from any kind of medical concern like stomach issues they may need it to sooth pain. If you are looking for some support with this, contact a feeding therapist preferably one who includes a twist of myo into their practice!😉

Offering specialized speech, feeding, and myofunctional therapy in the convenience of your preferred location!

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