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Have a picky eater? Try Food Chaining!

Food chaining is a specific feeding approach developed by speech therapists Cheri Fraker and Laura Wilbert. Many therapists and caregivers use the food chaining strategy as a friendly way to introduce new foods that are similar in taste smell appearance and texture to what the child already enjoys eating.

Food chaining is about taking very small manageable steps overtime to help children learn to enjoy (not just tolerate!) new foods.

If your child has a limited diet start with a food that he feels comfortable with and think of a way you can change it just slightly. make sure to offer it alongside the "safe" food so the child doesn't feel as threatned by it.

Here's an example of food chaining from vanilla yogurt to strawberries.

Vanilla yogurt⏩ strawberry yogurt ⏩small chunks of strawberries in yogurt⏩ strawberry dipped in yogurt ⏩strawberry🍓


Don't give up! This can be a very slow process and it may take many times before your child is willing to move to the next step. Try to stick to just one change at a time so as not to overwhelm your child. This way we can build off their success!

Which foods will you try this with?


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