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Food exploration is the first step to becoming a more adventurous eater!

As parents, we often get caught up in how much and how well our child is eating, but letting our kids explore foods,(even if it's not actually being eaten)serves an important purpose too. When kids are given the opportunity to explore a new food without any pressure to eat it, they are all the more likely to eventually try it. Remember raising adventurous eaters is a slow process. Keep offering stress free opportunities for more exposures!

Try prompting your child to describe the food with words other than good/bad, yuck/yum, like/dislike. Here are some examples:

Sweet, sour, salty, bland, spicy, bubbly

Bumpy, smooth, crunchy, dry, mushy, crumbly, slippery, juicy, fresh, warm, cold, creamy, fruity, strong smell, cheesy, plain, stringy, round, green, it looks like ___.

You may be surprised to see your most hesitant eater get involved with a food you never thought she would go near. 😉 Let me know how it goes!


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