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Breastfeeding  /  Bottlefeeding   /   Oral Ties

What is Lactation Counseling and Feeding Therapy?

Feeding your baby does not always come easy. Lactation/Feeding therapy is a great resource for caregivers looking to gain confidence in their feeding journey and for babies to gain skills needed to suck efficiently from the breast and bottle.  We also provide support and guidance in navigating tethered oral tissues, including  pre- and post-operative care for infants undergoing frenectomies. Therapy before and after is critical to aid in active wound management and improve overall feeding function. We use a holistic and whole child approach to help you meet your feeding goals.

Common Feeding Concerns:

  • Arching/fussiness during feeding

  • Clicking, audible gulping of air while swallowing

  • Coughing / choking during feedings

  • Gags, spits up, or throws up often

  • Excessive gassiness

  • Milk spilling from mouth while feeding

  • Nipple pain/discomfort with latching

  • Bottle/breast refusal

  • Feeds for a long period of time

  • Poor latch/ difficulty maintaining latch

  • Poor oral Intake/low weight gain

  • Prematurity and/or other diagnoses Impacting feeding

  • Sleepy or poor alertness during feedings

  • Tongue tie / lip tie / buccal (cheek) ties

  • Transitioning from feeding tube

  • Weak/discordinated suck

We have extensive training in oral function for breast and bottle feeding, as well as oral ties, and work collaboratively with providers in the community to ensure families reach their feeding goals. 


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